Kaja Wielowiejska

Faculty of Painting


degree piece


minor degree

In my works I take up the topics of human relations with nature and the universe. In the age of the Anthropocene, we forgot that human existence is inseparably connected with the order of the infinite Cosmos – an ideally constructed whole. I want my art to be an expression of the sanctification of nature and the universe, an attempt to show the recipient the way to reach what is primal, absolute and eternal. My works are an attempt to restore the prehistorical meaning of the Earth and Cosmos.

Born 1987. Studies: Faculty of Media Art (2009–2012) and Faculty of Painting (2015–2020) of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Akademija za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje in Ljubljana (under the Erasmus+ program, 2018). Scholarships from the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts (2015/16) and the local government of the Mazovia Province (2018 and 2019). Fields of artistic activity: relief painting, installation. Solo exhibition: Earth, HOS gallery, Warsaw (2020).


supervisor: Prof. Wojciech Cieśniewski

Ms Kaja Wielowiejska created a cohesive and visually homogeneous degree piece with an unequivocal message. The black diversified surfaces originating from various matters of nature are abstracted from the real world. For the past few years, the artist has been expressing her own perception of the world and her own mission in a specific visual canon: in the central place, she puts a circle with an irregular surface grounded in organic forms of nature on heavy thick plates with an area of 4 square metres. In the author’s intention, it was to be a picture of the universe in the tragic version of its end. The pieces serve as a warning against the approaching ecological catastrophe. At the same time, they can be accepted as a decoration for luxurious interiors.


supervisor: Dr hab. Jan Mioduszewski, Assoc. Prof.

Kaja Wielowiejska created a spatial luminous object that has a strong impact on the spectator. Although it is massive, it levitates in space. Kaja’s object refers to the halo effect – a well-known light phenomenon occurring in the atmosphere. Her Halo is associated with a great metaphysical eye pupil. The entire degree piece of Kaja Wielowiejska is about nature, combining rapture with concern about the fate of nature in the age of Anthropocene. The minor degree in Visual Structures is in contrast to the paintings as it refers to a different element: the air. Over the years of her studies, Kaja proved to be an artist interested in minimalism and formal rigour. The same goes for the final project. It also has its order but, importantly, it is not cold. In her installation, Wielowiejska refers to the symbols of light. She creates a phenomenon with the force of natural phenomena.