Maria Drągowska

Faculty of Interior Design

Mikry – a multifunctional piece of furniture for small urban balconies


Visual identyfication and assembly instructions – Mikry


Mikry is a piece of furniture that will find its place on both microscopic and several-metre large urban balconies. My intention was to create a small-sized, multifunctional and intuitive-to-use product. It consists of three parts which, when properly configured, turn into an easy chair, table, stool and chest. No tools are required for using the furniture, and the instructions are useful only during the first contact. In the case of bad weather, it can be quickly collapsed and put inside. The structure and size of Mikry allow for storing the furniture one on top of another inside the wardrobe.

The name of the furniture – Mikry – was inspired by its scale. As a part of the minor degree on visual identification, I designed a logotype and a casing containing assembly instructions. When the furniture is positioned in the form of a chest, the upholstery of the seat is very close to the floor. To prevent it from getting dirty, I designed a casing with internally sewn magnetic tapes adjustable to the steel frame.

Born 1995. Studies: Faculty of Interior Design of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (bachelor’s studies, 2014–2018) and Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (master’s studies, 2018–2020). She works in interior design and furniture and commercial art.

Mikry – a multifunctional piece of furniture for small urban balconies

supervisor: Dr Tomasz Gałązka

During her master’s level studies, Ms Maria Drągowska showed an interest and unusual passion for tasks that are performed in the Studio of Furniture Design No. 2 at the Faculty of Interior Design. This resulted in her conscious choice of the studio and the subject matter of the degree piece.

Ms Maria Drągowska is a smart, diligent and clever designer. I had an opportunity to experience all of these qualities when working with the student during her studies at the Faculty of Interior Design. She has always sought design and creative solutions that would be an adequate response to the given task and, at the same time, bring the joy of designing original furniture. The topic Mikry – multifunctional microfurniture for municipal small balconies undertaken by the designer contains an important mission for the piece of furniture which, thanks to its multifunctionality and innovativeness, contributes such extra elements as beauty, universality or mobility to the life of our balconies. Maria managed to contain all of these qualities in the degree piece in a masterly manner. I am not afraid to use these words: perfection and mastery. The piece of furniture for small balconies is refined in every detail – from the selection of materials and the designed form to the artwork that complements the design. It is important that this piece can be used for both small and large balconies, both in interiors and in outdoor public spaces. It is an object of indisputable aesthetic and functional value.

Ms Maria Drągowska combines talent with artistic sensitivity and diligence with design innovation. I am convinced that she will be a good ambassador of our Faculty and University in her independent artistic work, and this is what I sincerely wish her.

Visual identyfication and assembly instructions – Mikry

supervisor: Dr hab. Bazyli Krasulak, Assoc. Prof.

The minor degree is a supplement to the degree piece. The visual identification of the product – in this case, a piece of furniture – is a difficult task requiring searches in many fields. The axis of the identification is the name and the typographic form of the logotype built on it. The sound of the name, its semantic layer, associations and the visual beauty of the logotype are often decisive success factors alongside positive characteristics of the product. An important supplementary element is a properly designed operating manual legible to the recipient and visually cohesive with the product. Thanks to the appropriate use of artistic means, the visual identification designed by Ms Maria Drągowska reflects the character and utility values of a compact piece of furniture for small urban balconies. Working with Maria is sheer pleasure.