Anna Rutkowska

Faculty of Painting


degree piece

Art out of field of art®

minor degree

Prodrome means a harbinger of a catastrophe. The works are inspired by agricultural tools and torture equipment. The repeating motif of interiors refers to compulsory isolation related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The minor degree consists of two films from the quarantine period: Window and Stairs and Invasion – a video concerning the threat and spreading of diseases. The second part of the minor degree is Art out of field of art® – a cycle of collages that present the artist’s confrontations with the world outside the artistic circle. The exhibition is accompanied by a toothed harrow.

Born 1996. Studies: Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014–2020), Akademie výtvarných umění in Prague (under the Erasmus+ program, 2017/18). Fields of artistic activity: painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, photography, performance, graphic arts, video. Solo exhibitions: Szyf, Kaplica, Warsaw (2018); Between holiday and May-day picnic, Karrot, Warsaw (2019); Heavyweight, Stroboskop Art Space, Warsaw (2019); Prodrome, Galeria Wizytująca, Warsaw (2020). Finalist of the Hestia’s Artistic Trip competition (2020).


supervisor: Prof. Jarosław Modzelewski

The liquidation of the State Agricultural Farms (PGR) was an error, and the manner of its implementation was certainly wrong. The people, the space and the soil were mistreated.

Anna Rutkowska’s works fit into this triad. It is obviously difficult to regard her piece as an attempt to redeem the errors of the ‘transformation’ period, but the intellectual and biological aspect of her effort reminds us that we live somewhere, eat something and are alive. Using sparse, but forceful means of expression, the artist establishes the foreground, or perhaps pre-foreground, on the way to respect for the land and space; further grounds may be more difficult to create. As a woman, she understands the soil better than the man who cultivates it. She understands its pain being borne in silence.

Using the seasoned colour of tempera and an intuitive calligraphic gesture, Anna Rutkowska gives us lessons on the fundamentals of culture – how to move with respect in the space where the soil is the basis and the sky is the background.

Art out of field of art®

supervisor: Dr hab. Jan Mioduszewski, Assoc. Prof.

As a student of the Faculty of Painting, Anka Rutkowska focused on performance. I remember her subsequent actions as brave and spontaneous. Her interest in this kind of expression was influenced both by discussions in our Studio and by meetings with guest professors at the Faculty of Painting: Aneta Grzeszykowska, Oskar Dawicki and Piotr Janas. Anna uses herself constantly and has been working like that the whole time we have known each other. She works with her emotions, memory and body, treats herself as a model, ‘makes’ self-portraits. The minor degree in Visual Structures is a cycle of photocollages Art out of field of art, in which she obviously ‘acted’, and the installation Agroculture. In addition, she prepared three video pieces. In these projects, performance serves as a starting point; it was made in front of the camera or lens. The title Art out of field of art is malicious towards the idiom ‘field’, which is overused by critics. It reveals Rutkowska’s distance towards the seriousness of the work. The artist is often ironic and preoccupied with the absurd. In this cycle, she combines sexuality with farm machines. We can find echoes of agrarian cults in it. In her art, Anna Rutkowska submits to subconscious impulses while building the message and making witty jokes.