Angelika Koper

Faculty of Sculpture

Between words

degree piece

By choosing such a title for my degree piece, I wanted to illustrate an important moment of building an intimate relation between these symbolic two people. It is concealed and legible only to them, hence Between words. It stands for emotional communication going beyond words, where silence or unspoken words fill these two people with profound content.

Born 1994. Studies: Faculty of Sculpture (2014–2020) and the Centre for Educational Studies (2015–2016) of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Fields of artistic activity: sculpture, stage design, conservation, painting.

Between words

supervisors: Prof. Adam Myjak, Kinga Smaczna-Łagowska, MFA

Angelika Koper’s degree piece proves that a sculptural work made in a classical form can successfully confront all recent, quite popular solutions in art that are so eagerly used by students today.

Between words surprises us with the unique manner in which the author built her own visual language. It is a very dynamic language, bold in its form, fully aware and mature at the same time. The degree candidate’s unusual sensitivity has created a value that constitutes a profound message, allowing for various multi-layered and diverse interpretations of the reception of the work.

Angelika Koper’s degree piece was appreciated by the Degree Commission at the Faculty of Sculpture, obtaining a very high grade and a distinction.